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Phaedra, the album that catapulted the name Tangerine Dream

strassenfest.org – It was this album from 1974 that encouraged the rise of progressive music masters on the international scene.

In Greek mythology, Phaedra (or Faedra) is the mother of Demophon from Athens and Acamas, and comes from a word that means “bright.” In progressive rock mythology , the name signifies the most important album of one of the best bands in this genre .

This progressive pioneer of music from Germany was formed in 1967 and released four albums on the Ohr label when they joined Virgin Records in 1974. Their last release on Ohr , Atem , was named the best album of 1973 by the BBC’s leading broadcaster, John Peel . Phaedra is an album that drives the band’s international revival.

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When this classic instrumental work was released on February 20, 1974, the album featured the main song that filled the entire side one , accompanied by a VCS 3 synthesizer for more than 17 minutes. On one of their first albums featuring sequencers , side two began with ” Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares ” which lasted almost 11 minutes. Then came ” Movements of A Visionary ” for eight minutes, before the album closed with a short ending song, ” Sequent C. ”

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Phaedra was recorded at Manor, a studio in a nobleman’s house in Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxfordshire, England, which in early 1974 was celebrated as the location where Mike Oldfield created the Tubular Bells .

The album was produced by the founder of Tangerine Dream , Edgar Froese , who played mellotron, guitar, bass and organ and, like his colleagues, Peter Baumann and Christopher Franke , VS3. Froese also painted a picture on the album cover; Baumann added organs, electric piano and flute, and Franke added Moog.

Strangely, Phaedra did not achieve much success in Germany, where the band has been known for years. But in the British and American markets, the album is selling well. Two weeks perched and broke through No. 196 on the US charts became a simple start, but it became the first of seven albums on the charts there in a dozen years.

In the United Kingdom, where the import of the Tangerine Dream album before joining Virgin Records had reached sales of 25,000 copies, the album eventually sold around 100,000 units. This album is still holding out on the charts for 15 weeks with the highest ranking in No. 15, although it is rarely played on the radio. The band then improved their position the following year to No. 12 with the success of the Rubycon album .

These are the first two albums from 16 album charts in the top 10 in the United Kingdom after more than 13 years, in a loyal relationship between the band and their fans. As Froese himself said, “We believe every listener must also be a musician. Everyone … has a different understanding of what appears on stage. “