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Hardcore band ‘Taring’ Represents Indonesia in the World’s Largest Metal Festival in Germany

Hardcore band ‘Taring’ Represents Indonesia in the World’s Largest Metal Festival in Germany

hardcore band from Bandung, Taring will perform in Germany in August. The band consisting of Hardy (vocals), Angga (guitar), Ferry (bass) and Gebeg (drums) will show their teeth in the biggest extreme music festival in the world, Wacken Open Air (WOA).

Taring became a band that represented Indonesia at the event. It’s not easy for Taring to go to Germany. In the ‘Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2019’ competition, Taring managed to set aside 206 bands from 70 regions in Indonesia.

In the final round of the show which was held at the Balerame Sabilulungan Dome, Soreang, Bandung Regency, on Saturday (6/22) night, there were 10 names of bands that managed to advance to this round. The 10 finalists are Belantara (Bogor), Carnivored (Tangerang), Hellcrust (DKI Jakarta ), Kaluman (Bandung), Kapital (Kutai Kartanegara), Katzenmeister (Bandung), Over Power (Kediri), Paint In Black (Lampung), Taring (Bandung) and Wafat ( Surabaya ).

Of the ten bands that entered the final show , judges had been assessed by Man, Jasad, Arian13 (Seringai) and Luuk Van Gestel (Doomstar Bookings, Netherlands). They judge the whole band based on the quality of their work. Finalists who made it to the top 10 will perform live . Until finally the jury decided ‘Taring’ gets the highest points and was entitled to get a ticket to leave for Germany.

Fang Drummer , Gebeg can’t hide his happiness. He claimed he did not expect to go to Germany.

“I don’t think the Bandung band can perform there. Moreover, Wacken Open Air is the biggest metal music festival in the world,” said Gebeg after the event.

Gebeg representing his colleagues promised to show their best when performing in Germany in August. Moreover, the band carries the name of Indonesia.

“Anyway, thank you all, I will fight to represent Bandung and Indonesia on the Wacken Open Air stage,” said Gebeg.

DCDC Representative, Danny Hartono, said the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia event was held thanks to the collaboration between DjarumCoklatDotCom (DCDC), ATAP Promotions and The Metal Rebel. Through the DCDC Dream World program, it wants to accommodate the ideals of musicians or homeland bands who want to expand into the international arena.

“Through this Wacken Metal Battle we want to support the indie movement in Indonesia,” he said.

The plan, Taring will go to Germany at the end of July 2019. Because the Wacken Open Air (WOA) event will be held on August 1-4, 2019. In this year’s event will be even more special because this year they are even 30 years old.

“So there will be a variety of special content that they are working on to celebrate the age of three decades. So this is arguably the best edition, like the rising of the world’s metal worshipers. Through this WOA festival our hope is that they (Taring) can learn a lot from the stage ( world), “he said.

Meanwhile, Roof Promotions Representative Uwie Fitriani said, for the ‘Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2019’ event, it was held for the third time. The annual Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia event has been held consecutively since 2017.

Every year the event, said Uwie, there are hundreds of extreme music bands from various regions in the country involved themselves to be involved in this event. All of them have the same main goal, which is to win tickets to Germany.

“For this year there are 206 bands from 70 cities participating in Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2019. The farthest band is from Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. Many friends from outside Java joined,” he said.

According to Uwie, Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia is one of the most awaited special agendas, because this event has high historical value and has a different atmosphere from other events. Each band is required to be ready and maximum in everything, both musical, mentality, professionalism and others. All activities related to Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2019 are monitored by the Steering Committee team, namely Ebenz (Burgerkill), Addy Gembel (Forgotten) and Kimung.

“We also hope that after they ( Taring ) return from Wacken, they will be able to display their work better,” he concluded. [end]