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Schlagermove: Colorful Hamburg and Folk Music Festival

Schlagermove: Colorful Hamburg and Folk Music Festival – Remember the German dangdut? Still remember Schlager? Still remember Helene Fischer? If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you again. Schlager is one type of music that can be categorized as folk music in Germany. In the previous article, I mentioned, schlager is German dangdut, although the tone and remixes are not at all like dangdut. Schlager is a type of happy music that tends to have the style of pop.

What is unique about this folk music festival?

Every year, Germans, especially schlager music fans, make summer festivals on weekends. For the sake of dancing and gathering with other Schlager fans, these fans wear colorful costumes like carnival people. This year, there were at least 300,000 people participated in the celebration of this folk music party.

Where is Schlagermove held?

Schlagermove is held in many cities in Germany. Considering so many Schlager music fans, many also took the initiative to hold this music festival. In Hamburg itself, every year there is always Schlagermove. This 2017, was held in Heiligengeistfeld near the stadium St. Pauli.

Does everyone like this folk music festival?
Does everyone like it when the dangdut concert is held? The answer is the same as this question. Of course not all like this colorful folk music festival. This year for example, as reported in an online magazine, spiegel.de, many residents of St. Pauli was fed up with the frenzy that occurred (again) in the area around their residence. Especially after the recent G20 Summit demo.

Even so, the Schlager music festival this time was given the theme: Ein Festival der Liebe (a festival of love) that ran lively and remained a scene like in previous years.

What do people do at this festival?

Dancing, singing, dancing, and the most common are drunken, beer parties in broad daylight. Once inside the festival area, the smell of beer mixed with the sweat of people passing by who are exhausted from dancing will soon be smelled.

the buses are decorated with love-colored balloons around the area slowly while accompanied by people dancing to the rhythm of the rotated schlager

about Schlagermove this year. Hopefully add information about Hamburg and Germany.