A peek at the excitement of the German Oktoberfest Annual Beer Festival

Besides being famous for its football and technology, Germany also has a myriad of interesting things to explore. Starting from places like fairyland, culinary, to a variety of festive festivals. Wegonesia know not, if there is a tradition of an annual beer festival in Germany since centuries ago called the Oktoberfest? If not, take a peek, let’s, excitement below!

Oktoberfest history

The Oktoberfest Festival is the largest autumn festival conducted by the German people and takes place in the city of Munich. Although it is called Oktoberfest, in fact this festival has started from late September to early October. Initially, this celebration was a wedding between King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The party lasted for 16 days in the city gate square, hereinafter called Theresienwiesn .

Horse racing became the main entertainment of this wedding and was finally set to be held every year because it attracted the interest of many people. Over time, in addition to horse racing also held exhibitions of residents’ agricultural products and beer stands to quench thirst. The small stands then developed into large tents selling various kinds of beer from all over Germany.

Oktoberfest activity

A sign of the festival beginning is the opening of a large beer barrel by the mayor while shouting the word ” O’zapft is!” Which means “has been opened”. Now Oktoberfest is one of the tourist attractions for foreign tourists who want to experience the biggest beer festival in the world. Local and foreign tourists can chat with each other while enjoying food and drink treats in a large hall called Hacker-Pschorr – Himmel der Bayern .

Another thing that attracts Oktoberfest is the presence of several exciting game rides. One of them is Olympia Looping, which is a roller coaster ride that will drive the players’ adrenaline. This year the Oktoberfest will take place on September 22 to October 7, 2018. Towards Oktoberfest, hotels around Munich will be sold out by various foreign tourists. So it’s good to book a hotel well in advance if you plan to come here.

Typical food and drinks at Oktoberfest

In addition to beer which is the main star at this festival, there are also typical German foods that can be tasted here. Typically, the food that becomes the friend to drink beer at this festival is Bratwurst , a typical German sausage, Sauerkraut which is pickled from cabbage vegetables, Kasespatzle or German-style noodles, to Pretzel . Beer that can be traded at this festival is only from local German producers.

The Oktoberfest Festival every year is always a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists to visit Germany. Want to feel the euphoria of the Oktoberfest festival? Wegonesia can plan a vacation to Munich or Munich by looking for cheap airplane tickets to Germany

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